What We Do ...

-Organic Plaster Tiles are cast  plaster relief tiles that are hand-made every step of the way. 
-Each tile is cast in a mold, then hand stained or painted, sealed and waxed with a satin finish wax (also available in a matte finish).
-All of the materials used in the process of making OPTs are the "greenest materials" we could find (including our pigments, sealers and waxes) and incorporated botanical media such as: leaves, flowers, grasses and twigs are respectfully recycled and collected from our local park.
-The only exception is the exterior metallic tile witch contains a polymer resin and a real metal powder for exterior durability.
-All of our tiles are 1/2 inch thick and are reinforced with recycled burlap and reclaimed cement board (exterior tiles).
-All of our tiles are made by hand so slight variations may occur. Custom colors, sizes and designs are available. 
Organic Plaster Tiles is a green business based in Brooklyn NY.
The artist behind it, Jarek  Klim, was born in  Legnica, Poland in 1971 where from the beginning he noticed a close relationship between art and nature.
In  1992, he moved to  New York and was still searching for  his creative voice. 
It  wasn’t until he moved  to Santa Fe, New  Mexico when Jarek began  mixing the raw beauty of plaster with botanical materials. 
“Working with nature made me realize the importance of the natural environment. I  hope that the  my work will show the importance of the overall message that I am trying to convey through my work” 
We would like to believe that Organic Plaster Tiles will bring natural vibration into your life and we assure you that they will have no  negative impact on the indoor air quality of your home or your office.
We  welcome you to Organic  Plaster Tiles.  
Please  contact us for details and prices.